Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How Long ?

TL Davis

This question is being asked frequently among people I consider to be loyal American patriots under the meaning of the US Constitution as codified by the founders of this nation 239 years ago. When I was training different branches of active duty military, I often asked students, "What will you do if given an order to fire on or deprive citizens their civil rights" ? Some just remained silent and gave me a vacant stare as if to say, "You have got to be out of your mind, that won't happen and anyway Im just here for the benefits." The majority were very open in replying something along the lines of, " Then I would shoot the officer who gave that order instead." This gave me the utmost faith that the major parts of our military are still our military. Obama can replace all the flag officers he wants. When they start firing the NCOs and field grade officers, I will start worrying.
Now many are asking what is the purpose of Operation Jade Helm 15 and speculating it is a rehearsal for coming martial law and widespread incarceration of citizens. Since its planning and non-public purpose is classified, we can only speculate. What if its real purpose is to practice in case our military decides to stage a coup and set this country back on course to achieve its founding principles ?
I recently asked a friend who is active duty and has multiple combat tours with the USMC in Iraq and Afghanistan. His reply, " Here is what I would say. We have been training in the US forever. It is cheaper than flying overseas to train so nothing has changed there. There is never even a question as to why we are doing this. There is also never the slightest doubt that NO ONE would follow through with an order like that. The military is the most conservative (77%) of any in the US. The fallout from such an order would be immense and a disaster for the President. NO ONE would follow it. Period!! You might have your 10% who might try but they would be jailed or dead within a matter of minutes. The American people have nothing to fear from us. We hate Obama more than anyone else. We are just not allowed to voice it!!!"
The above article by TL Davis is worth reading and considering. How long and what will you do about it ?

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