Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Three Percent of Nothing is Still Nothing

Think about how long communist have been actively at work in America undermining our culture and how many avenues they have pursued and used to accomplish their goals. How many Americans have been duped to aid them over the decades ? These tactics are what the patriot movement would have to adopt to attempt to counter them and then it would take how many decades ? Can you see the average prepper/survivalist/militia member/tea party person saying "hey lets go do some street theater for awhile, then get some music or cinema celebrities to join us, then get some of our guys elected to office and then get some more into the education system. It will only take about 50 years and we will have someone positioned to put in the White House then we can really get this show rolling." The realization that most of us would never live long enough to see the results of our labor, is what inspires the "let it burn" crowd at WRSA and other so-called III% sites. They want to see SHTF in their lifetime from the same myopic view that Adolph Hitler held. I suspect the agenda and motives of all who want to light the fuse and see them as not much different than their communist brethren as both sides have delusions they will somehow survive and be made First Commissar of All That is Good. There are no short-cuts to hopefully restoring the Republic and the rule of law in America. Identifying and getting the right people into public office, law enforcement, media and education are the only way of having an America in which our grand-children can hope to experience the life we grew up in. Any other course will leave this country as a piles of ashes and decomposing bodies and what will you rebuild from that ? Three percent of nothing , is still nothing.